Chapter 2

Liberating is the feeling encountering lay teachers who wanted to help you learn rather than constantly wrapping knuckles with a wooden ruler, or making me stand in the corner in the front of the class to display what an incorrigible child was in their midst. After being expelled from Catholic school, Grace enrolled me in a public school where the mode of learning was not on guilt ridden religious grounds. I recall being enthused about school for the first time because I was treated like a human being rather as a bad apple in a bowl of fruit. The light was on the horizon.

Life after catholic school improved marvelously. Lay teachers proved to be a benefit because the stimulation was intellectual, not disciplinary. I excelled in history, french, and even math to some degree. Education was now cool and not to be feared. My mind was open and wondering. Then lightning struck, the Bus came by and I got on. They were on the search for the cool place. They were having fun, riding around the country on a colorfully painted bus with sound blaring from speakers. They could talk to onlookers from headphones with microphones each was wearing. The cacophony of fun emanated from them. They were the Intrepid Traveler and His Band of Merry Pranksters. These were the Little Rascals incarnated, the real Our Gang Comedies come to life. The discipline and stimulation of school faded into the act of having fun again, and becoming psychedelic. Creativity became the mantra. Further was the destination. A huge left turn was made. I never looked back.


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